Feedback on portfolio, self learning

Hello I am learning to code, this is my portfolio so far.

I put a lot of time into it, any feedback is welcome and i am here to improve and get better. I still have a long way to go but i think i am on the right path. Thank you for you time and have a great day !

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Very nice! Especially for someone who is “learning to code”! My only 2 critiques would be;
1.) There is a persistent horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page no matter the size of my browser (probably a bug, maybe an overflow issue) that should not be there.
2.) On the portfolio page, in the Jobiendo section, the image appears to be cut off or cropped at the bottom. It may look better if the image either included the remaining portion or was cropped further so that the image doesn’t appear cut off.
Other than those issues, bravo :clap: :clap:

This is really great. I love the design and and it’s very friendly on the eyes color wise. My mobile reads it well. There are some cool interactive elements. I can tell you like coding. Well done!

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