Feedback on portfolio website - Windows 1.0 look + cmd

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Hello everyone…
Can anyone give me feedback on my portfolio website which I’ve developed for freecodecamp’s built a portfolio page challenge.
Built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery library) only. No use of any framework or library (excluding jQuery).
I’ve tried to make it look like windows 1.0 (first GUI OS by Microsoft). And has tried to make portfolio page like cmd (though look is different).

The site is not fully completed. I know some bugs, and I’m working over them. Still works almost fine on desktop - Chrome

Nice work! Very creative. I really liked the interaction part in the project: It’s not only reading; you, as user, interact which gives a plus to the page. Great work!

Thank you Andrea for feedback…

Wow this is so great! You’re gonna get a great job, if you don’t already have one! I can’t wait to look at your code and see what I can learn. Would you mind checking out my portfolio and giving me some feedback if you have a chance? Here’s the link

Thank you Sean Kelly… You too have a nice portfolio page… simple yet elegant…

Hey, there!

The link is broken :frowning2:


Which link is broken???

Yea! Haha, funny story. I thought hitting the “Fork” button was just bringing me back to my editor view. Ended up creating about 50 portfolio pages and had to delete all the copies! Anyway, here’s the link. Everyday I’m learning

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