Feedback on portfolio!

Just started freecodecamp recently and am very excited! Hope to be as good as so many of you one day!

How about adding some placeholder thumbnails in the Portfolio section? You can generate placeholders from sites like or For the Contacts section, try putting together a simple form for sending an email. It doesn’t have to be functional, but it’s good practice for creating forms.

Rather that using <br>, consider using CSS to set a section’s top padding. It’s also better to use CSS to set their heights rather that using heaps of <br> (or better yet, insert some content in the sections)

Your page breaks on mobile. Look up CSS media queries and apply them to make your page more responsive.

I noticed that all of your <hr>s have the same inline styles. You’ll want to move it to the CSS section (and it’s generally good practice to avoid coding inline styles).

It’s helpful to read some documentation.

Thank you for the detailed feedback! Ill definitely take your advice and work on it some more.