Feedback on Product Landing page for PS4

Hello everyone,

I have just completed product landing page for PS4. Link to my code is :

I would love to hear feedback and opinions of everyone to improve my project and coding .

Thank you :smiley_cat:

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the link seems to be broken

Hey @biscuitmanz,

The link isn’t really broken, It seems like codepen is having a little issue on their end. If you look at the information your browser gives you, it says that it is a bad gateway. It’s not the link that’s broken, it’s just the gateway to the server. Thank you for responding though.

Edit: It looks like CodePen is either getting a really High traffic or is getting DDoSed. The 2nd one is more likely because of how many servers are currently getting hammered by the DDoS attacks hammering the US.

Remember to Stay Safe and Happy Coding!! :slight_smile:


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yh thanks man i not really looked into what these error codes mean yet man.

the us getting ddossed atm?

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Hey @biscuitmanz,
If you look at this image, it’s showing the DDoS attack happening

And The US is currently receiving a lot of DDoS attacks.

Edit: Codepen should be up again right now. I will check the website out.


@Lucifellow hey,

the link works now mate the site looks really good and clean. i like seeing sites to do with gaming as i am a gamer myself.

one thing i will say is maybe bring the price parts closer to each other so the dont look so far apart.

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yeah thats insane man never knew was that bad

Hey there @Lucifellow :wave:,

The website looks good. Nice job :clap:

Keep it up.

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Hello @biscuitmanz @Catalactics

@biscuitmanz Thank you for feedback. Yes I love gaming as well. That’s great suggestion, I will bring them closer.

@Catalactics That was great information on DDOS. Thank you for your feedback :smiley: . Maybe codepen just had too much traffic on friday evening :laughing:


Nice site :grin: :+1:

I’m seeing alignment issues in the ‘features of the PS4’ section. Extended storage should be aligned with Data Transfer below. I would then move the two elements on the right and the two on the left closer together as that’s a lot of white space in the middle. I’m using Chrome by the way and haven’t tested it in other browsers.

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Thank you for your feedback. Yeah data transfer looks little off to the right and have too much white space in between. I will re-align feature components. :smiley_cat:

You have zero hierarchy on your title and sections, they’re all the same font size and font.
Your CTA buttons are way too small, keep in mind that you have to make the usability of your website as easy as possible. Having to concentrate to click on a button is bad UX.