Feedback on product landing page project

I am close to being done, any feedback would be helpful!


Hi @barb1643!

The website is very pretty. Personally I think the photograph of the rose is to big. The text goes over the navbar, you should fix that. The buttons on the navbar all take you to the same place also.

I think is a very great project, keep up the good work!

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Hey @barb1643

It seems good. But with a little bit of tweaking, i guess the project will be better.


  1. The project has very light pink background. If you can make it a bit darker. I guess it will look good.
  2. There is no padding for the logo and the heading ‘Perfumerie’.
  3. The font color is very light grayish color. Try to change the color. Using light colors for both the background and the font used makes it difficult of the end user to read what is written.
  4. You have added a background color - white for the text ‘Rose oil for sale’. Actually the better way to do this is to add a pseudo-selector like :before or :after and add a background color for that. Refer this code for more info.
  5. Try to add the email input and the join now button before the footer after explaining about the project.
  6. Also add some margin top for the email input.
  7. Center all the contents present in the navbar. It is aligned to the bottom.
  8. Try to center the ’ Checkout Our Services…’ content.
  9. Remove the Scroll bar present inside the ’ Explore our Offerings…’ section using the overflow property
  10. The font-size for the links in the footer and Explore our Offerings…’ section is very small. I suggest you to increase it.
  11. I would also suggest you to follow CodePen Tips and Best Practice

Happy Coding!

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