Feedback on Product Page

Hi! I started Harvard CS50 and pumped out the first two weeks so it’s been a bit since I completed a project on here. I completed the first and second parts of this a few days apart so hopefully that didn’t affect it too adversely! Any feedback is welcome, but I’m definitely looking mostly for feedback about my code and anything I am doing wrong/could be doing better. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advance for any feedback! And thanks to everyone who helped me with my issues during the project :sparkles:

The content is great and the page is responsive. You could improve the colors a little bit, check out its very helpful in getting new color schemes. some styling to your submit button and email input would be nice and maybe some styling to the nav :hover . The video was a great touch, good job !

I used Adobe color but got tired of looking through the red themes lol :tired_face: I definitely overlooked the styling on the form. I’ll give everything a second pass when I get home later tonight.