Feedback on Quote Machine

Hi guys.
I’ve finished my own Quote Machine (dedicated to design quotes) and I might be very happy if you can give some feedbacks.

I adopted a clean and minimal style, I used the background image that I’ve already used for my Weather page.

Here the link:

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Gorgeous! Unfortunately, I’m having the same problem with it that I encountered when I first checked out that API: I get the same quote with every refresh. Maybe it truly is only a “Daily” quote? In which case a refresh button makes less sense…

Wow. Amazing design here! Looks super professional!


  • Make title & tagline bigger for mobile
  • Have quote take up 90~100% of screen width on mobile.
  • Bring buttons closer to quote area on mobile.
  • Add period on after ‘Get Creative.’ Remove one of the hyphens on quote author.
  • Maybe readjust position of background on mobile.(dunno if this is possible lol)

Overall, great job! Keep it up! :smile_cat:

Thanks for your suggestions. @jinrawx
Yes, I have your same issue but I’m not sure why. @AbdiViklas