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i’m trying to solve this problem recursively. i have checked the answer but i’m still confused why is my solution wrong? as in what am i doing wrong? how do i think better for recursive problems?
thank you devs for your insights.

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function sumAll(arr) {
 //assigning variables to starting and ending range
 let [first,second]= [Math.min(arr[0],arr[1]),Math.max(arr[0],arr[1])]
 //if the first no reaches the second number
   return first
   //add one to the upcoming number until second is reached
   return 1+sumAll([first+1,second]) 

// sumAll([5, 10])
console.log(sumAll([10, 5]))
* 20,25
* 20+1
* (20+1)+1
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Challenge: Sum All Numbers in a Range

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If you are summing all numbers in a range, you probably don’t want to add 1 here.

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any tips so i can become better at recursion? thanks!

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