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Hi! I’m a software engineering student going into his final year, and I’ve been looking for internships/part-time jobs in web or mobile app development with pretty much no luck. Some feedback on how I can improve my CV/Cover Letter or job hunting tips would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I’ve followed people’s advice and updated my resume to include more details on the work I’ve done in my projects. Any further feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to everybody who weighed in on my previous resume.

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I have read a few resumes and conducted a few interviews in my day and I always just want the most relevant information at the top and forget the rest. Are you using the skills to fill up space? I would want to see more projects and actual jobs on it and wouldn’t care how you rank yourself skill-wise. That may just be an opinion, though.


If you’re currently a student, don’t call yourself a “software developer” at the top of your resume; it hurts your credibility. Just take that part out. The sentence below it doesn’t add anything either, would recommend taking that out. Also add your location somewhere—I’d suggest putting that in city, country format.

Your Education needs to have a date on it, along with a location.

Don’t put dates on “Projects” if those are just names of software applications that you contributed to. A date implies work experience, which from appearances, you don’t have yet. And don’t make long lists of stuff that just take up space. You could condense your lists in your Projects by a lot, by putting them into sentence form instead.

Finally, don’t ever rank yourself on your skills. All that ends up doing is hurting you. Only list skills that you’re confident in, and could answer any question about if asked during an interview. Delete anything that you’re not confident in.


Seconding that you should never ever rank yourself on skills like you’ve done. Just a short paragraph with your skills is better. Do not say you’re an expert at things you aren’t an expert at, which is what you’re currently doing. You have just done an SE degree, and I don’t believe you are 5 out of 5 stars for anything (if you are, say you’ve been programming Python since you were a baby or whatever, you need to put that fact front and center). Don’t mix arbitrary stuff into the skills list – what do you mean by iOS and Android??

Also be very careful saying you’re skilled at agile (or lean! that’s just a buzzword). Without experience working in organisations who try to implement its principles, without experience of CI, CD, things that work, things that don’t work, etc, you absolutely do not have strong experience of it. It is one of those words that will cause your profile get picked up on by recruiters on LinkedIn, but is also one of those words that the developers actually hiring fully understand is often a bullshit word used to catch recruiters, particularly “Agile” rather than “agile”: it’s an adjective, not a noun, it has a lowercase a and modifies another word.

Better than that though, write a short paragraph specifying skills that are additional to those in the job spec you are applying to. And those skills that match those in the spec, infer you have them be describing projects/taught experience & talk about them in the cover letter. This means you need a slightly different CV/cover letter for each job 🤷

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It is mostly to fill up space yes. I initially just had a list of skills without the ranks, but the resume looked very empty. I have an internship lined up for next year, but until then I don’t really have anything relevant to put forward as experience.

I agree, ranking my skills wasn’t a good idea, but without it the resume looks very empty. What would you suggest putting in there, since I don’t really have any relevant experience yet?

I’ve worked with CI/CD on the 2nd project that I’ve listed, and I’ve also followed an Agile process while working on a team over a whole year. Now obviously that’s not real experience, but are you saying that unless it was in the industry I should leave it out altogether?

It may sound hard to hear… what you are saying is truth… i think a lot of people just put something in their resume that they dont necessarily have the skills or mastery level that the listed skills require.

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Nonono, you say exactly what you’ve just said! That’s what needs to be on your CV, it’s very useful information and marks you out immediately. If it was on your CV, and I was a prospective employer talking to you, I could pick up on that and expect that you’d be able to hold a conversation about those things. Compare with “I am an expert in Agile with a capital A”, which does not mean anything and looks like bs.

I suspect you can do this for every item on that list, and each expansion on the skill, like you’ve just done, will be something that should be on your CV instead of that ratings list. You’ll need to edit judiciously though (angular material for example seems to just be saying you used a JS library).

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I mean, I’d like to be as honest as I can. The ratings might seem misleading, but what I meant to convey was that I feel comfortable making a CRUD app with some quality of life features in all the platforms I’ve specified. I’m from Australia, and unlike the States there’s very few dev jobs here, and pretty much no internship postings, so I’ve resorted to applying to whatever position I can find where I meet some of the requirements and specifying in my cover letter that I want to work part-time or do an internship. Add on to that the fact that I’m an international student and most jobs require PR/citizenship and things look pretty bleak to be honest.

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. If you wouldn’t mind, could you provide a few links to some exemplary student resumes for dev jobs? Also, job-hunting tips, in general, would be great to have.

I’d suggest using Google to find some sample resumes for college students. These look good for starters:

Looks like a pretty good Resume to me ! I would diffidently look back to this as reference when its time to update mines.

thanks for the advices!

Honestly, I think your resume is looking good. There are some ways how you can improve it. But overall, everything is fine.