Feedback on small practice page (quick progress spot-check)

Hi all,

I’m still working my way through Responsive Web Design. I’ve just finished Responsive Web Design Principles, but before I push to the finish and begin to work on the projects, I wanted to share a practice page I’d been slowly building as I’ve worked my way through the lessons.

It’s not the prettiest or most nuanced design, but my primary concern is making sure I’m organizing my HTML properly. The CSS definitely messy… bit of a frankenstein monster as I’ve sorta patched it together as I progressed… But I mainly want to be sure I’m not making big fundamental mistakes about how the content laid out and how it conveys its information.

(The “home” and “about” links on the right-side nav-bar both link to my blog, just to have SOMETHING external to link to).

(This is my first forum post… I’m about 2 weeks into FCC so far. Nice to meet all of you! Thanks in advance for your guidance).

EDIT: I’ve recently dropped some updates courtesy of the feedback and my own research. Still happy to hear additional feedback on this as I’ll continue to tweak this as I work through the projects…

Now about that tribute page…)

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: It looks pretty good! I would,

not use br tags. I don’t recommend it. Use css to give space between elements instead.
Make your texts more readable. I noticed you have lots of text for this project. There are some things that need to be fixed like giving left paddings to your main container and increasing paragraph line-heights.

Check out this page. It will help you.

Happy codig :sunglasses:

Thanks for the feedback and the site recommendation! Always appreciate supplemental materials. I’ve definitely had to bolster my lessons with additional research to make sure I understand the material!

Much obliged!