Feedback on Survey Form and Landing page

Hi! I am a newbie in the front-end land :slight_smile: Would appreciate some feedback on these projects:

Both well-written and well-structured pages, nicely done! A few small things, but nothing glaring, really. I like them (and I love the owl thing, very engaging).

First, on that landing page, the header is pretty large. Not a huge problem until you view the page on a smaller browser, when the header takes up nearly half the screen real estate.

Second, and this is truly minor, inside your survey form, you have many divs containing a label and an input (or select, or …). Consider that you could do away with the div elements, and simply wrap the input with the label tags instead. Again, not a huge thing, div tags just give me hives - divitis is a thing. :wink:


Thank you very much! I will try to stay away from divitis :wink:

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You have nicely done. Keep it up