Feedback on Survey Form Project!

Hello, dear Campers!

I recently finished my first project for the Responsive Web Design Curriculum and I’d appreciate your feedback about the design or code.

The project passed all requirements, and I’m overall delighted and pleased with how it turned out!

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

This is very nice! Great job!

The only thing I will point out is that the white text on that background is very hard to read and does not pass accessibility requirements. Changing the color to black does perhaps help a little, but there are still parts of the text that are hard to read (such as any text over trees).

Putting text over busy background images is always a challenge to make accessible. I think you will need to put more opacity on the form background color in order to keep the background image from bleeding through as much and allowing you to create a better contrast for the text.

Thank you for your feedback! Which opacity do you think it’s ideal to improve accessibility? I increased it just now so you can take a look and comment if it looks better.

That is definitely better. I think I would also make the font weight bold as well to help with readability.

Putting text over busy images is hard to make completely accessible. Technically, you would use a color picker to find the lightest color that the text could possibly be over and then make sure it meets minimum contrast ratio requirements of 4.5:1 with the white text. My guess is that you would have to turn up the opacity even more to be technically accessible.

Thank you once again. I have increased the font size and the font weight. I have increased the opacity as well, but not completely to 1.0 because I’d still like for my background image to be visible. I’ll leave it like this for now.

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