Feedback on Survey Page about movie-going

Hi all! I had to put year 2019 there because of this year being almost completely under the lock-up at least where I live.
It’s just the beginning, I could add more material later.
What do you think? And thanks!

Ok so it has a great design and very smart ideas.
There are two main bugs.
I can edit the last input text box which should not happen.
And the second bug is that the text box in the end is not centered and it is expanding beyond the display.
I will attach images to show you what I mean. You should use percentage instead of pixels to form your box’s shape.
In addition, the submit button is not centered to the middle. You’ll see that from the images I’ll attach.

But in general, it’s a great page and you should continue with this motivation.
Good luck and happy coding.

(Sorry I sent the pictures in the wrong order)
These pictures are showing NY movement from left to right as I scroll horizontally.

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@anon43350554 Whoa great thing you made me notice those bugs. I’m gonna fix them somehow. Thank you!

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@33P, it’s a good start. You have errors in your coding. Everything the browser renders goes into the body element. You have a main element outside of body. Codepen is forgiving only because it expects the code that would be in the body element. Just remove the opening and closing body tags as they’re not required in codepen.
Beyond that, there are coding errors you should address. Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.

  • Since copy/paste from codepen you can ignore the first warning and first two errors.
  • Change the cursor to a pointer when hovering over the submit button
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@Roma Thank you very much. I removed the body element. I don’t exactly get it about the copy/paste comment. I’ll search the site to see how I can change the cursor while hovering.

@Roma sorry I get it now. I entered the validator. The errors are whitespaces. I’m glad that’s all there is to it. Thank you once again.

It just means since you’re copying your HTML code from codepen and pasting it into the validator, the first things the validator will show is a warning and two errors. But since you don’t need those elements when using codepen you can ignore them. The other errors that it flags you should address…that is, correct them.

Google is your friend. It’d be easier to google “css change cursor on hover” (w/out the quotes of course) and see what results that gives you. Not everything you’ll need to do for the projects has been covered in the lessons.
Looking at other projects, or having filled out a form on-line you may have noticed certain things. Grouping for instance. Google fieldset and see what that brings you. Maybe it’s something you want to use. Maybe not.

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@Roma I get it. Thank you so much for your advices. I’ll search and see what I find.

@Roma I searched fieldset and you were right, maybe I wouldn’t want to use it. I tried it and it only takes away legibility as the sections in my page already had a frame in them. I think in my case it only complicates things. So I took them out. But I’ll take it into account for future projects. I’m still watching solutions for the cursor change. Thank you once again.