Feedback on Survey Project challenge

Hi, been learning for around 4 days now, just completed the challenge although my HTML and CSS is a bit messy I’d appreciate feedback. One thing in particular I’m struggling with is responsivness to screen sizes etc, rem/em, vh vw, that whole section confused me.

Hello and welcome to the community :smiley:!
Congratulations on completing your survey it looks really pretty!
A few suggestions:

  1. Give your input field more color contrast to your background and placeholders.

  2. Your checkbox should come before its text.

  3. Disable the select here option from being clicked on.

Overall I think your project is very neat and works well :clap:!

I found those two helpful in understanding responsive web design:

Consider repeating the steps you found tough and read up about topics you don’t understand. The more you learn the easier it gets.
Good luck n Happy coding!

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Thank you for your feedback, my CSS was kind of rushed I was burnt out towards the end lol
I’ll check out those links and hopefully get my head round it - thank you again

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