Feedback on the design of my quote machine appreciated

Hey fellow campers

If you could take a second to look over the design of my quote machine I’d be grateful. Perhaps you’ll enjoy reading some quotes from the people and fictional character that inspire me while you’re at it :slight_smile:

Link to quote machine.

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I’d love to see this. Could you post a link?


Grade A idiot, reporting for duty. Can’t believe I forgot to add a link. Thanks for pointing that out. :laughing:

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Very nice design. The color scheme and background image are both amazing. +1 for using SASS!


  • Maybe bring the author name closer to the quote.

  • Remove the ‘tweet this quote’ text, and perhaps have that as alt text on the tweet button or as a tooltip for when user’s hover over the twitter button.

  • Instead of fading the entire box, maybe fade just the quote and author.

  • Bringing the container closer to the top would be nice.

Yup, that’s all I can think of for now. Great job man! :smile_cat:

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Thanks for the feedback.

The author’s name does feel like it’s too far apart, but that’s partly because of some quotes being much longer than others.

Reason I put the tweet this quote in there is because I watched a friend use the quote machine and she never even realized it was possible to tweet the quote. Well, she’s not on Twitter so perhaps that explains it.

Agree on the animation. I feel like it’s a bit obtrusive at the moment. I’ll have to experiment with different approaches. Your suggestion might work really well.

Why do you feel the container should be closer to the top? Does it look funny on the screen you were using to access the site? I wanted to have it smack in the center so the details of the image show up.

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This quote is missing the ending:

“There are only two industries that refer to their customers as 'users”

Also as you use array of predefined quotes it would be better to track previous quote and not show in again (I had one quote three times in a row). Reminded me of this:


Agree 100%. I’m still figuring out how to write the code to achieve that. Ideally so it never repeats the same quote during one session. :grinning: It’s always nice when comic strips are used to explain a point.

Thanks for pointing out that the little mistake with the quote. Seems you went through the quotes in detail.

I agree, the quote container does works great with the background for medium-large screens. I was coming from a perspective that you could either reduce the space so the eyes don’t have to travel so far down, or you could add a title. It works as is without changes too, though.

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