Feedback on the Issue Tracker Project

Hey guys! I just finished the Issue Tracker project passing all the tests and I would love some feedback on it.

Here is the link to the code:

I used the mongodb native drive to connect to the database, to try and practice how to use it, instead of using mongoose.

But in doing so, two questions came to my mind.

The first one:

I divided the projects issues into collections. E.g. If you have a project called APITEST, the issues to this project will be stored in a collection called APITEST in the database. Is this a good practice?

Or is it better to just have one collection with all the issues in it and identify each issue with a project name that it belongs to?

The second question:

I noticed that the mongodb native drive has a really slow response, in comparison to using mongoose and creating models.

What I mean is: Each time I would make a post/get/put/delete request, the server took a long time to respond (almost 2 seconds sometimes).

I did the same project using mongoose and the response time dropped to 100 ms.

Is the mongodb drive more slow than mongoose or it just the way I coded it to work that made it slow? I’ve been searching for an answer for this question, but never managed to find it.

I used a lot of awaits in the mongodb connection (using this tutorial: Connect to a MongoDB Database Using Node.js | MongoDB Blog) and I have been wondering if these may be the cause of the slow response.

Anyway I would really love some feedback and I thank you all for your time reading this far already. :slight_smile:

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