Feedback on the Tribute Page-

Hello everyone,
I have finally done my first project on Tribute Page, which is right here–>
Please tell, if there is anything that I should work on more.

We can see your code, but can you also add a link to the working demo?

Thats where I m stucked, I have created this using VScode with live server and the link I have is .Can u help me where do I find the actual link??

One convenient way to make your code visible online is using codepen. Try there and you can share a link of your code.

Or you can host right on github pages. Go to settings in you repo. Find section “GitHub Pages”. Under that section go to “Source” dropdown menu, choose your branch and confirm it. Now, by typing you can see your page live. Ps: You may have to wait coupe minutes for your page to “come to life” though …

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Here it is , I have done it using codepen -->

Yes,I got it . Thank you so much :grinning: .It worked!

I like your tribute page! I would,

make paddings and margins in your body 0. Some browsers by default give values.
Consider increasing font size of your main title and its intro text under.

Good luck!

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I would rather suggest you to purchase the Complete Web Developer Course 2 by Rob Percival on Udemy,the reason being,
It barely costs 10 USD and comes with 1 year of free Hosting space and a .tech
Domain name. You can also use it to host your Portfolio.

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Thanks for recommending @vickar ,its a great course . I will surely look into it.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I have changed the fonts and have updated too. Thanks for your review :slightly_smiling_face:

I would suggest to reduce the size of image and also make the project responsive. Rest everything looks good :slight_smile: