Feedback on this website

Hi,I need feedback on this website,there is a mistake that I have been trying to omit but I am not able to find out the problem.
This is the website:

Hi, I’ve moved this to its own topic, you’re not going to get answers when it’s someone elses thread where they’re asking for help.

What is the problem you’re having?

Bad design… but what the problem with this site do you have?

I am not able to find where the missing number is in no.6,there is no code there but there just seems to be no 6 somewhere but I cannot find it,like it is invisible

Hey there,

<LI><h5>Add salt to taste and cook for about 8 minutes then take it off the heat and drain the Water.</h5><LI>

At the end of the line, you are opening a new LI instead of closing it.

Thanks very much,I have been on it for a while