Feedback on Tribute and Portfolio page

It took a while but I finally finished both challenges, I’m not particularly good at design. because of it I really folllowed the style to both examples given by FreeCodeCamp.
I would like to know If in your opinions I actually fulfilled the requirements and If it looks good.
Also, feel free to give me any hint on how to improve.

I really noticed that I learned a lot from my original abilities and I will keep trying to improve a lot more.


Looks like you are off to a great start on both of your pages! For your tribute page I would recommend centering your image that you use. Which you can do by using the CSS property display and setting it to block, and then setting Margin-Left and Margin-Right to auto. Otherwise good choice of image for this page, it responds and scales nicely, and adds color to the page without being distracting.

For your portfolio page, I would consider adding some padding to your # resume div, this will put a small amount of space between your Nav bar and your opening paragraph. You did a good job in using text styles to differentiate between content and headings for this page.

One thing to be mindful of for both projects is how you are indenting. Best practice is for children elements to be indented within parent elements - it’s a visual aid in making reading code easier and assessing how each part relates to each other.

Hope that helps! Overall you are doing well, nice job on both!

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