Feedback on tribute page and personal portfolio page - tribute page - personal portfolio page

Would appreciate your feedback!

Your tribute page looks great…only thing Id suggest is to remove the bullet points for a cleaner look, just need to add llink-style: noon; to your ul class in css.

Your portfolio design is really lovely! I like it very much… If you wrap your portfolio in a div tag with a class of text-center then that will keep your portfolio centered on the page instead of to the left. I really like the images you used in your about me section, the only thing is, including content as an image is not such a great idea, both for SEO and accessibility purposes so its considered bad practice. What you can do though is set the image, without text, as a background for a div in CSS , and then write your content on top of it…you can get pretty much the same effect, but still have your text be searchable and accessible.

Really like what youve done!

Thank you for the feedback!