Feedback on Tribute Page (Need help with 3 issues)

Hi all,

I just completed my Tribute page.

Please help me have a look, I would appreciate any feedback. This is my first ever page.

I also have 3 problems:

  1. I placed a navigation bar at the top but it squishes up below 680px screen size. How do i make it responsive?
  2. The central image (of a fetus) is bigger when I use (width=60% in my CSS declaration for #image id) but this way it is not responsive. But using max-width=60%, it is responsive however the image is smaller. I wanted the larger image.
  3. The second image within the article (which was floated) have the article wrapping around it. How do I stop text wrapping around it?

Any help/input would be much appreciated.

Thanks y’all.

Very nice job! Your page is looking great.

  1. To make the nav responsive you’ll need to change the way the nav is displayed. I’m no expert but I suggest you use flexbox and use “flex-direction: column”. Or, you can check this to help you.

Thank you for taking time to check it, I’m really glad. And thanks for your comment and the tips.

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