Feedback on Tribute Page on Marilyn Monroe

Hello Everyone,

I am a coding newbie, I have just started using FCC and have completed my first project that is a tribute page. I need a feedback for this project. Suggestions and improvements would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Hey! Great job at finishing your first project!

First thing you could take a look at this article to start adding prettier non-standard fonts. Using fonts other than Times New Roman, Arial, etc. gives a really unique look to the webpages you make. I’d also reduce the width of the paragraphs to around 80 characters per line, it is known that our eyes get tired when reading long lines longer than 80-100 characters. So reducing the width really helps the reader.

I’d also add some margin below each paragraph (you could do p { margin-bottom: 10px } in css if all your paragraphs are separated in p elements).

Finally I’d customize a little bit the link in your footer, maybe add some hover effect to it.

Thank you for reviewing my first project and i will definitely make use of non standard fonts in my further projects.

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