Feedback on Tribute Page Project--1851CrystalPalace

Hi! I’d love it if anyone could give me feedback on my tribute page:

The idea on the theming is to invoke an old newspaper kind of feel, so if anyone has any suggestions for improving that, that would be great! I steered clear of ‘aged’ fonts for readability purposes, but would love opinions on that.

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It looks pretty good :sunny:. With that said here are few things I would change.

Give space between your title and the rest of the content.
Give your paragraphs some line heights for readability. line-height: 1.5;
Not make footer sticky.

good job :clap:

Thank you for taking a look!

I made the changes, and you’re right, they do make it look better. I tend to like sticky footers, but with this theme it really didn’t fit.

I like the overall look; you got that newspaper feel all right while not sacrificing readability. However, at phone widths it should switch to a one-column layout, since the two columns get awfully squished, and even overlap at extremely narrow widths.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’d totally missed the overlapping issue. I added a switch to 1-col for small widths.