Feedback on Tribute Page Project

Hey, I’ve built a Tribute page for Issac Newton. I would much appreciate your feedback & comments.
Here’s the link:
Thanks in advance

Hi! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

My feedback:

  1. The site doesn’t respond well to mobile or narrow browsers. I would expect the three columns to collapse to one in these cases.
  2. Avoid using ‘click here’ type links (as you have at the bottom), for [these reasons] (
  3. The layout is a little uneven, I think because the earth and moon graphics interrupt the flow. I would try different places for these, or removing them altogether.

Thank you for the tips. Regarding point 3, I added the earth and moon graphics because otherwise there would be a gap in the second column (because there is less content in the second column than in the first one), which would make the design look unbalanced. What would you suggest to do in this regard?
Thanks in advance

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Don’t be afraid of white space :slight_smile:

But, if you’re looking for more balance, you could consider evening up the columns, by adding text to one or removing it from another. Or, consider a two-column approach, which could be done a number of ways:

  1. Have the two text columns on top of each other, and the photo span the height of both columns.
  2. Have the photo and shorter column on top of each other, and the longer text column spanning both.
  3. Have the photo be a [hero image] ( spanning across the whole page, and the two text columns underneath.

Option 3 is similar to what I did for my [tribute page] (

Thanks for the interesting suggestions, will look into that.

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