Feedback on Tribute Page: Robin Williams

Hi to all FCC coders.

I spent a bit of time on this project:

any feedback is highly appreciated.

It looks really good @narghar. A couple of things to revisit;

  • you have a misspelling in your CSS for your header class, jusify-content: center;
  • think about possibly speeding up the load of all those images. Scrolling on a small screen it looks like there’s nothing unless the user pauses for a long enough time for something to come up
  • because of the delay in loading, when clicking on timeline link it’s usually off by a couple

@narghar Very nice!
Here are my suggestions:

  • Add text-align: justify to the paragraph to make the words space out better.
  • Why does the last movie tile “The Butler” slide in from the right and all the others slide up? Shouldn’t they all be the same?

First of all thank you guys for your feedback :slight_smile:

Here is my second version after all your suggestions:

I don’t know if a faster load of images will work correctly on all mobile devices. I just set other animation settings for devices with a screen width below 640px

Wow, that’s very impressive.

I like the design, and the animation is great. But, in case you want to work more on the animation:

  • The cards in the filmography disappear when they’re halfway off the screen, which is a bit weird.
  • When scrolling back up the filmography, it would make more sense if the films were already there, instead of sliding back in.
  • The anchor links are a couple of years off for me - 1989 takes me to The Fisher King, 1982 takes me to Moscow on the Hudson
  • Maybe you don’t need links for every year? A link for 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s would probably be enough.

I really do think it’s a really cool site, though.

(for reference, I’m viewing on Firefox, on a Windows laptop).

Hi, thank you for your feedback.
Indeed, disappearing cards looked strange.
Links fixed and reduced and animation also changed a bit.
I think now how to get from bottom or middle to top, too much scrolling for me today :smile:
Third version:

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