Feedback on Tribute Page - Robin Williams

Hi everyone. I’d like to receive some feedback on this tribute page I completed for the Responsive Web Design Certification. I started this freeCodeCamp 10 days ago as part of my skills goal for this year and my #100DaysOfCode challenge. I have never done web-development before, so my target, for now, is getting the technicalities right, and then, once I stop looking up syntax all the time, I may be able to give more attention to design.

This has not been submitted yet, however, I do pass all the user stories requirements. Feedback welcome and I will answer everyone’s comments :slight_smile:

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I think your page looks amazing. I’m quite new myself and can therefore see that you followed the tutorials very closely. I tried very hard on finding some critique for you, but even the colors you have picked are great as they pass the online contrast checkers.
If there is anything I can nitpick on, it would be to do something with the links, as they are standard. IMO the standard links do fit your site very well, but adding a :hover effect would make it slightly more tempting to click the links.
As for your target goal about getting the technicalities right. I’d say don’t worry too much about it. The most experienced programmers still use google to look up syntax all the time. Here is a reddit post about it for example:
Google and Stackoverflow is your best friend, and they deserve their own monitor :wink:
Learning 2 languages in 10 days is quite the feat, good job!

Nicely built, color combination, font-sizing all looking so appealing to me.

MY ADVICE (my opinion)
10days and you’re up with this cool work ?
Wow, keep it up Dekhan_Fraser, although i will advice you take it slowly ( this is my very own opinion please ) as i do believe that there are lots of hidden things that one needs to grasp and if you just scrape the surface, those things might not be gotten.

Just as you’ve said

So, i will advice you take it slowly and also don’t be afraid to apply

Keep up the good work. Project well done

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Hi @Dekhan_Fraser, your page looks good but to be honest it looks too much, in both HTML and CSS, like the sample page. id's are the same, attributes are in the same order with sometimes slightly different values.
Don’t be afraid to start fresh and put your own spin on the page.

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Hi @Roma , thank you for the comment.
Regarding the ids: they kind of have to be the same. They are part of the user-stories requirements and are needed to pass the unit tests for this challenge.
As for the design similarities, I didn’t think about that. As I said, I was more focused on getting the technical parts right. I will spend a couple more days improving the looks, thankfully I do not have to worry about the content too much as I’ve done all the research already.

Hi @daklo, thank you for the comment. I think saying “I’ve leaned two languages in ten days” is a bit much. There is still much I do not know, but I am assuming more skills and knowledge would be required to pass the next challenges.
I am fine with using google and stack overflow, those are the best resources out there and I’ve been using them quite frequently :slight_smile:

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