Feedback on Tribute Page- Stephen Hawking

So this is my first ever project, I’m new to all this coding thing and I’m liking it. I decided to do my tribute page on Stephen Hawking and I’d like to receive some feedback from experienced people as much as from new people like me so please do comment.

Looks good to me.

However, you can improve the timeline section.
I suggest to increase font size and add more space between lines for better readability.

The root components for readability are:

  • font-size
  • font-weight
  • line-height
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How can I add spaces in between? And Thanks for the feedback.

Just use ‘line-height’ attribute in your CSS declaration.

.timeline {
  line-height: 30px; 

Add this to your CSS code and add ‘timeline’ as a class to your ‘ul’ tag.

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