Feedback on tribute page - Van Morrison

First of all I should say that there’s still some code in there from the example tribute page project. I had trouble getting something to work right, like the way it was working in the example, so I copied some code over to try to narrow down what the problem. So some of that code is still in there.

I’ve been working on it for a while and just yesterday decided to convert almost all the sizing units over to rem, after reading a web page about when it’s best to use px, em, or rem.

I don’t know if my thinking is right on this but I feel like I have to use px on the image to maintain the quality of the image. Maybe there’s a way to do that without using px? I set a max-width of 300px on the containing div (img-div) and 150px in a @media query for up to 460px max width.

I used em units on the header text shadow, thinking that maybe it would be better to “pin” the scaling of the shadow to the font size of the actual element rather than the root element. I’m not sure if that’s right thinking or not either though.

I haven’t finished filling in all the biographical info but I think there’s enough there for now, for the purposes of the page.

Any critiques or comments appreciated.

Nice page @Rutherford.
The way to set the width of the image without using px is by setting it to a percentage.