Feedback on tribute

Hi Everyone,

This is my first full page built with html and css outside of just tinkering with specific pieces and learning through the training. Any feedback would be appreciated!

Hello @zeke! Great job on you first full web page. I found this one to be the most difficult to get started because the training wheels were off and I didn’t know where to start.

The only suggestion I’ll make is that if you add @media for mobile devices you can adjust the width of the timeline for a better appearance. I see everything down the middle of the page on my phone.

As far as the operability of CodePen goes the html block that you are typing in is the <body> so you don’t need body tags or head or html.

The stuff for your <head> can be put in the appropriate section located under settings>html. There should be a block that says stuff for <head>.

Great job on your first one!

Made both of those changes, media being fairly straightforward and checked on my phone and is now formatted properly.