Feedback on Tyffle - Google Font Testing Tool

Hello Everybody! I made Tyffle, a new tool for trying Google Fonts super fast. Please give suggestions or report bugs if any.
Website: Tyffle
Product Hunt:

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@devguru Very nice! I like the design, ease of use (using space bar), and the transitions/animations. I can see this being more efficient than using the default Google Fonts site.

A few observations that may help make this even better:

  • Sometimes, after either pressing the space bar or the left arrow button, I can only use the arrow buttons one more time on the browser I’m using (Firefox), and then they don’t work anymore. Then, if I press space bar, I can use the arrow buttons once, but only once more. I feel like the intended behavior is to be able to cycle through the fonts using the arrow buttons (and maybe the arrow keys?) but that’s not working for me. This is very possibly related to the browser I’m using as I bet this works well in Chrome.

  • Would it be too difficult to allow the text to be multiple lines so I can see what a paragraph will look like?

  • It might be nice to add some tutorial text explaining what the various icons mean. I had to experiment by clicking on things to figure it out, but once I did, it’s straightforward and easy to use.

  • Is the code Free Software (GPL, etc…)? The GitHub page doesn’t seem to have any code on it.

Thanks for sharing!

@camper: Thanks.

  1. I have will have to check out this one. Let me know if you find what’s causing this.
  2. I will create a switch for toggling between heading and paragraph mode
  3. I will create some tooltips for the icons

It’s free and will remain free. Don’t worry about that :slight_smile: