Feedback on Weather App & Quote Machine

Feedback on Weather App & Quote Machine


Hey everyone. I’d really like to know if the Weather App is working properly. Here’s the link:

I used the OpenWeatherMap API for this challenge and it seems to work fine on my end. It’s supposed to show different background pictures depending on the local weather (windy, snow, clear sky, rain, breeze, hurricane, etc.) Btw, I’ve got a question, is it obvious that you can click on the temperature in order to change it from celsius to fahrenheit?

Also, here’s my Quote Machine that I finished yesterday:

Nothing fancy, I mostly concentrated on studying the fundamentals of JSON and AJAX for this challenge (still got a ton to learn). I made my own JSON file in one pen where I stored about 20 quotes, and then in another pen I accessed the .js file with getJSON.


Hey C,
I like the weather app. It worked perfectly. It showed my town, temp, and that it was misting. Great Work!
However, when I went to the Quote machine I could not get it to show a quote. I tried to push the quote button and nothing happened.
Keep Pushing,


You have a CORS error showing in the console (Ctrl+Shft+I in Chrome) which looks like:

Failed to load No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 503.


Hmm, that’s strange, I had the same problem with the cross-origin request giving me an error, so I found this proxy which allowed me to access the quotes without any console errors. But since you guys have told me that it’s not functioning, I found another proxy and I think it works even faster than before. Could you tell me if the quotes are showing up now? Here’s the link:

Thanks for the feedback, Randell


I’m glad the Weather Map is working, in my area it’s also quite misty.

The quote machine was not working because the proxy I was using to get rid of the “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” error was not functioning for some reason. I changed the proxy now, could you tell me if it’s working? Here’s the link:

I appreciate the feedback, M