Feedback on website for family member and advice on back-end?

I am making a website for my Godmother’s holiday rental apartment and was hoping to get a bit of feedback and advice.

I am awaiting better quality pictures, including the main background - the ones used are just pulled from their facebook page so I could put a draft of something together.

Then I was hoping to get some advice regarding the contact form at the end - preferably it would just send my Godmother an email with all the details entered on the form. I initially tried 'mailto:...' but that just opens user email client.

Then did lots of googling and it seems the consensus was that I need PHP to achieve what I want - as I now understand it PHP has to run on a server (my attempts to run it on github pages can be seen in the repo :sweat_smile:, I now know you can’t do that), would I have to set up a PHP server in order to include it in the site? Or is it something that is built into most hosting services?

I don’t yet have access to the domain (to be honest I’m not completely sure how I get my files onto the domain/actually publish the website, but I was planning to cross that bridge with a lot more googling when I come to it), so I’m not sure what hosting service will be used or if that makes a difference at all.

I’m not even sure if this is completely necessary for this project - the contact form is a nice addition but I could also just show an email address; I am really interested to learn more about this stuff - if anyone can recommend any good resources?

Thanks for reading, if you got this far!
Lucy :slightly_smiling_face:

My recommendation would be to install a few accessibility checkers in your browser and run them on your page. Chrome even comes with one built into the dev tools (Lighthouse). This won’t fix all of the problems but it will get most of the obvious ones.

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Hi @litlmassive !

I think you are off to a good start.
I agree that you should use a tool like google lighthouse.
You can find it in the google dev tools and you can run a report that will tell you how your site is performing.

As you can see, you can work on improving accessibility, best practices and SEO.
The report will give you suggestion on what to work on.

As for the form question, I think for now you can just use a simple form builder like JotForm.

Hope that helps!

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