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Firstly I’d like to say hello. I’ve only just joined but this seems like a great place to be with likeminded people helping out others with coding issues, questions or just wanting to talk.

I am looking for some feedback on an open source project I’ve created. It is an expression language with the goal of being completely customisable. For example, you can add new statements by writing only a single class and adding it to the config. You can write your own types, operators, functions etc. It is certainly not perfect and there are some outstanding issues that need to be resolved but it is getting there.

I’ve been improving it steadily with the most recent addition was a try it now feature on the website. The goal of that is to provide runnable links from code examples in the documentation so you can try it out. I am looking for feedback as half the time I read the documentation back to myself and question whether I am making any sense.

Project: Single Line Operations Processor (SLOP)
Site link: (doesn’t like gitlab here, but link top-right)

I would appreciate any feedback good or bad and thanks very much in advance.

Hi tronied,

Thanks for sharing your project with me. I appreciate the effort you’ve put into making SLOP configurable, extensible, and easy to use. Your approach to unifying two parts of the project and adapting the best aspects of each is a smart one, and I’m impressed that you were able to write your own statements to give you more flexibility and control over the code.

While the documentation still needs some work, I’m available to help if you need it. In the meantime, I would highly recommend creating a video to summarize most of the information in the project. Videos can be an effective way to present information in a concise and engaging way, and they can also make it easier for people to understand complex concepts.

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best regards,

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