Feedback - Pandemic Response Survey Form

Just finished my 2nd Responsive Web Design project. It took me the whole day to complete this. I’m glad I tried the article I read about styling for mobile first before desktop . I didn’t have to use media queries. I’m pretty happy with the result. Please tell me how I can improve my coding and if there’s anything I missed. Thanks!

Pandemic Response Survey Form

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Hi @boschjmd !

Designing for mobile first is a great strategy :grinning:

For the placeholder text, you might consider something like this

I think the submit button should have the cursor pointer.

Hope that helps!

@jwilkins.oboe Thank you so much for your input! I did as you told me and I’m also done applying aesthetics and adjust max-width for big screen. Would you mind taking a look at my final work? Thanks again!

Looks decent and works well. Honestly I’ve seen some forms used by the local docs and shops asking for feedback this is better than most hands down.

Good Job for sure😁

I’m saving that article, will come in handy and save an awful lot of work working backwards so to speak. :+1:

@danielwilkinson0991 Thank you so much! I really enjoyed doing the project. Aside from the user stories, I also try to get familiar with what is and what isnt considered best practices.

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