Feedback - personal portfolio

Hi everyone,

I have created my first portfolio website and was hoping to get some feedback on it. I’ve tested it on my mobile and laptop to ensure it is responsive however if you notice anything amiss please let me know. Also if you have any stylistics suggestions to add to add to it I’m all ears. Thanks for any feedback everyone, I appreciate it.


Hey good job! That’s a nice background. I would,

move your social icons to the contact me section. It appears odd that you are talking about connecting with you but the social icons are on top of your page.
Try giving padding-bottom to your contact me section.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I really like the background.

Also how did you achieve that social icon hover effect?

Good luck!

Thanks Phillip I think you’re right, it makes more sense to put the icons down below. Should be an easy fix. Cheers

Hey Jordan thanks the background took the most time to create but I’m happy how it has turned out so far.

My portfolio code and stylesheets are in my GitHub if you want to take a look. The icons are in the landing-page.css file.


I noticed you created all the objects in the background yourself. If you want to really make the background pop I’d suggest playing with some animations to shift the shapes around subtly as you scroll through the page.

Also I’d give your p.card-text divs some left/right padding so the text doesn’t push all the way to the edge.

Everything else looks awesome, I really like the personalized style you’ve given the entire page.

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That sounds like a great idea! I’m thinking do you mean each object is floating in free space to wander at random across the entire page? Or do you mean each object very subtly shifts around its current location without ever wandering too far?

Thanks for your help!

The details of the animation are really up to you, it was just a thought I had as I was scrolling through it and since it’s not a static image you’re already halfway to implementing it. I think subtle movements might be less distracting, but really just try a few things and see what you like.

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I also just noticed when you resize the browser to the xtra small size, your text size drops considerably and becomes very hard to read. Maybe as an alternative keep the text large and just scale the height?