Feedback Please - 1st Project Avicii Tribute Page

This is my first project. I appreciate any comments or feedback on how to improve.

Thank you for your time providing any constructive feedback.

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good ! practice and external css make more beutiful result. good luck keep groving

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Well done. Interesting and visually appealing. Looks much nicer than mine.

Well done. I have noticed the video is not responsive. I’m viewing on a mobile device but I have to scroll horizontally to view the video. Consider making it responsive.
Happy coding

good to know, ill work on changing that. thank you!

thank you for the feedback

Nice and good looking :+1:
Try to get more test to pass.
Great one though.

which tests are not passing?

You can check your test results by following the below steps

  • Firstly, click on Run Tests
  • Click Tests to view the test that you need to work on and also those that passed

As you can see, you have two test that passes FCC test suite in 16 test cases

Yes I see, but I was running tests for the “Tribute Page” assignment. That is for the Technical Documentation Page assignment.

Ooh, so true, i just reconfirmed and all tests passes.
Its 10 over 10…
carry on strong @Heidi_Hood :muscle:

Hey @Heidi_Hood!
I really like your page. Looks better that what I did for my tribute page. I really like the idea of the table with the songs and release year, and the font that you chose for the title. The responsiveness of the page is ok. I would add something like # video { width: 95vw; height: auto; } for having the video fitted into 95% from the screen. Nothing else. Good job.

Keep coding :wink:!

Thank you @iamprinx :grinning:

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Thank you for the helpful feedback ! :grinning: