Feedback Please: A simple tribute page


I’m new to all this and struggled through this task - would love to get some feedback!

Isaac Asimov / Foundation Tribute



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Clean and simple as a first page it looks good although the text does not fit in your buttons so you might want to tidy that up :slight_smile:

Hey Garteh,

Cool person to build a tribute on !

The page is well layed out, with a clean design and looks good on any desktop, so that is already a great achievement :slight_smile:

A few issues arise when you try to view it on smaller devices though, so if you want to dig deeper and improve that, you will notice that the text on the buttons is overflowing, preventing us from seeing the full text when the viewport is too small.
Also, on the main paragraphs, the image sticks on the left, and prevents the text to expand to the full width of the viewport (again, this is on small size devices only), a prefered approach would be to have the image displayed above the text when its height is small compared to the text height.

Here is what it looks like now on a mobile :

I can see that you have used the bootstrap grid classes provided in the previous freecodecamp challenges but have you tried to explore beyond that ? Maybe bootstrap could provide different classes to help with these issues ( hint : it does :slight_smile: ) ?

the idea I had was to have it look more like this :

Let me know if you find my answer confusing or if you want further help, and good job on this !


Thanks Ricky, really appreciate your comments.

Thanks Sylvain that’s really helpful. Gareth.

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks again for your feedback!

I had a look at my code and came up with the following:


Do you mind taking a look and letting me know if this is what you had in mind?

Many thanks,


Hey Gareth,

This is exactly what I had in mind yes, nice job figuring it out. :slight_smile:

This is now looking good on all devices.

Good luck on the next projects !

Thanks for the help!

Hey Garteh! I loved it!

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