Feedback please for a beginner tribute page... Thanks!

just started to study from scratch 3 weeks ago.

Not bad. Good work coming up with what you have so far.

Try not to rely on inline styles much (< div style=“height:10px”>) and convert them to classes like you did with your font colors.

Inline styles always override CSS, which is fine if you intend it to, but it makes editing your work more of a headache than it should be.

Thank you for your feedback. I got rid of the inline styles and treated each paragraph separately, plus I added some padding instead of using


Nice work! Its looking better keep it up

Love the first image on the page. Have you tried aligning your text in the center for the chronology part of the page?

Thank you for having a look at the code again!

Thank you —
it is true that it is the only part which is aligned left, but I felt centered text would be not so suitable for a simple list of exhibitions… which is a design decision only. I was putting the background box in order to give the element a more “centered” look.