Feedback please for first 2 challenges + some help

Hi I would appreciate some feedback on the design AND the underlying code for my first 2 challenges:

Tribute Page Link -

Portfolio Link -

I must say it has been quite a challenge to build something with Bootstrap for the first time. Especially since I started using Bootstrap 4 (since that is the default on CodePen), which has given me some headaches. But I think I got the hang of it :slight_smile:

Except for two things in my Portfolio which I am struggling with. Iā€™m sure I can probably figure it out if I do some more research, but I really want to move on the next challenge:

  1. How can I make it so that my avatar picture stays the same size when I change the viewport size?
  2. I am unable to vertically center my social media buttons in the footer, any suggestions?