Feedback please: Isometric Dungeon Crawler

I’ve been working on this isometric game for a few weeks now using HTML5 Canvas and React JS to create a hack and slash Dungeon Crawler. It’s in early stages so it is a simple sandbox at the moment. It has simple controls and the sprite animations aren’t all there yet. My goal is to try to re-use assets and make it as modular as possible.
View screen shots and the readme on my Github:

I would like to to get feedback from the community on ways to handle enemy patrols, turn based weapon attacks and of course loot containers that the player can open a menu from. All while keeping the gameplay reasonably challenging.

Just added various bug fixes. It would be good to get some feedback on enemy AI and combat timing.

Do you have a link to your demo instead of github repo?

The link is on the readme for this Github repo.