Feedback please! - Kindle product landing page

Finally my 3rd project is complete. Have a look: Kindle - Product landing page.

Feel free to give your suggestions.



Cool. Congratualtions on making it this far!

Maybe you could try to off-set the navbar, when you click a nav-link. e.g. the video is partly covered …

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Your page looks good @programmer1995. Couple of things to revisit;

  • The frameborder attribute is obsolete. Use CSS instead
  • Look at lines 10 and 14 in your CSS. Don’t think you need both
  • As mentioned, add a little top padding to your sections. When clicking the links the top part of each one is under the navbar.
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Your design and use of color is wonderful.

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Sure I’ll do this. Thanks.

Thank you so much for pointing out the corrections.