Feedback please: My tribute page by Lindsay

Hi everyone, this is my first time using HTML & CSS to build from scratch. I tried to make the page look okay but didn’t know what people normally do! :sweat_smile: So any feedback for the newbie is appreciated. I’m so nervous showing this… Thanks!!

Codepen link:

Wow… A great page… I am so excited about the topic you chose… Have even never thought about it… Keep it up dear

Pretty nice and simple, but there are a few comments. I just learn, but I see a couple of nuances)

You should not use multiple id with the same name in <span>.

You also assign a margin to the left and to the right separately, although you can use a short recording.

For some reason, I don’t see the text and image in front of the list.

Hi, thanks for your comment! One question: how to assign margin-left and margin-right together if I just want to center the element horizontally while vertically stays as it is?

For example, like this: margin: 0 10px; the first number is responsible for the vertical, the second for the horizontal