Feedback please on this Pokedex that I built

It’s been over a year since I first started learning Javascript here on Free Code Camp. Now I’m finally able to build my very first single page application. Would love to get some feedback as this will be part of my portfolio after graduating this year :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day to whoever’s reading this

GitHub source code:

Hi !
I think it’s pretty good, I haven’t looked at the code, but I’ve noticied a few problems that you could correct :
On mobile, the evolution panel is overflowing a bit, it also take a pretty long time to load once you click a pokemon, maybe you could improve this, and on mobile again you should make the pokemon’s thumbnails smaller, maybe like 30% width, to display 3 in a row, because scrolling to number 300 take some time.
And about the hamburger animation, the closing cross is not centered.
Otherwise it’s pretty good, well done !

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The data is pulled from so I don’t have control over the loading time. Everything else was super useful, didnt even know that the evolution overflow on mobile :stuck_out_tongue: too accustomed to my big fat phone I guess :slight_smile: