Feedback please : portofolio site

This is my portofolio site. built on wordpress. It is actually about one year old, but since i have just came to understand the power of flexbox from camp tutorial, i did a thing or two with the landing page. It is not perfect, but defenitely better than the old one.

This is a data visualisation portofolio site. Feel free to play around with my small collection of interactive vis. Leave some comment if you like.

Thank you.:pray:

Hi @Rickard,

I’m fascinated by data visualization as well, so really enjoyed your site. A few thoughts:

  • The purpose of the bubble chart and zoomable circle pack weren’t 100% clear to me. What information am I supposed to be able to get from these? I saw the “About” section on the bubble chart, but someone looking at the chart may not want to read that level of details to understand the image.
  • In contrast, the Population Pyramid was very intuitive. Simple is better sometimes.
  • Just as a UX thing, you might want to put the “About” button in the same place on every image, so the user knows where to look for it.
  • The royal family tree looks great – nice explanation of a lot of detailed relationships! I liked having the ability to zoom in and out.
  • The Dark Souls radar chart is cool. It would be fun to be able to superimpose 2 or more charts to see how characters’ strengths compare to each other.
  • Normalized stacked bar chart worked well and the animation was very smooth.
  • Kudos for combining wordpress and flexbox. However, the images were a bit stretched out on my screen which takes away from their visual impact. I’m also not a fan of the animated text, thought it made the site look busier than it has to.
  • The blog seems to have a lot of the same content as the portfolio. I would make the content different so it doesn’t get repetitive.

Thanks for sharing and good luck!


Thanks a lot for the constructive feedback!:+1:

  • For the GDP bubble chart, the main goal is to give the user view to compare GDP between various regions of the world. Which region has most country with GDP within certain range, for example. This is mainly true for larger screen, where you can group them by the REGION button, then select certain GDP range by the slider. Well, i admit, i was doing this mostly for programming practive, therefore i just push every function i can think of into it. Maybe it ended up a bit ‘chaotic’? Sorry about that.
  • Yep, obviously people are confused what is the purpose ot the zoomable circle pack, since i haven’t write any article about it. I guess it is a bit rushed, sorry again.:smile:
    That is a visualisation of Grants and Charities. The largest circle is the total grants, the circles within are themes and sub-themes of the grants. And the bright small circles within all of them are all the grants themshelves. I guess you have already understand the zooming mechanism?
    The data is provided by 360Grants, an umbrella organization of charities based in UK. This is year 2017 data. The visualisation is aim to answer the question : ‘which organizations has funded which theme troughout the years’, hence the ‘Select Funding Organization’ control (or you can just click the any bar on the barchart for desktop). Originally i was planning to go more than one year data, at least two years, but there is just so much data (from year 1995) which causes the ‘theming’ proccess to took very long time, in the end i can only go one year.
  • The about button position : that is because i skipped the UX class, and go directly to programming lesson.:grin:Thanks for the heads up.:+1:
  • ’ the images were a bit stretched out on my screen ’
    What is the screensize of your device? I used 768px and 320px as commonly suggested css breakpoint.
    Mixed feelings about the animated text here, i’ll just used for a little while, see what other people think about it.
  • The blog is meant to be an info source, where i write some explanation about the vis before users dive into the visualisations itself. Therefore, it will contain the same content as the visualisations.

Once again, appreciations and kudos for the feedback :pray:

Anyway, if you are interested about the data visualisation contest by the 360Grants organisation, you can find other contestant submission here, at the bottom of the page. I have already eliminated from the contest, :smiley:, so i assume the other guys should have better visualisation capabilities
A bit warning though, since about a week ago, my laptop really slows down everytime i access that page. Before that, the page is accessible just fine.