Feedback please! Star Wars Quote Machine

Here’s my code:My Codepen

I decided to do try this project in vanilla JS. I’m a bit self-conscious about my CSS. Like it feels too plain without much flashy stuff. What do you guys think? Any constructive criticism about design and code is welcome.

hey, it works, it’s responsive, and I can read all the text - sometimes leaving out the “flashy stuff” works just fine; especially since you are using a background image with personality, you wouldn’t want to have too much going on, it would just be distracting

so, you have a +1 from me :slight_smile:

the one thing I’m seeing that’s potentially problematic is that the buttons to tweet the quote or get a new quote aren’t labeled, which probably isn’t the most accessible thing in the world, for people who aren’t familiar with what the icons mean, or people using screen readers who can’t see the icons. you might look into that

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I think it looks good. It would be nice to have a button that cycled through the quotes. Maybe even autoplay?

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Thanks, gracenut! Your point about accessibility did cross my mind. I will make the changes.