FEEDBACK PLEASE! Technical Documentation Page

Just finished my first technical documentation page. :blush:
Any feedbacks /suggestions for improvement will be appreciated! :smiley:
I had copied all the write-up from the fcc sample. So its pretty much the same.
But i have done the html and css myself.
Thank you! :heart:

Here’s the link–>

It’s beautiful. One thing you want to work on is making it responsive so that it works on smaller screen sizes as well as desktop.

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Thank you so much! :relaxed: If you don’t mind can you please guide me with media query?
Im finding it a bit difficult to understand.

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It’s wonderful, you’ve definitely put in effort into this and it shows. Responsiveness is a bit of an issue, but that can be fixed.

On a side note, is it possible for you to verify your codepen email? I tried to open it in full screen mode to have a better view but that requires you to have a verified email address

It’s just a way to regulate content based on screen size.

I used to get confused with the max width and min width part. Basically, max is greater than and min is lesser than. The best way you can improve with them is to use them! If you don’t use them, how can you know what they do?

Heres a wonderful resource if you get stuck

You would want to do a max-width media query to target screens that are smaller than whatever size you put in there. It would mean that screen sizes UP TO that size will be effected by whatever styling you put inside that media query. And then put whatever styling you need to get it to look good for those sizes. (If you did mobile first then your media query would be for a min-width, but that’s not our scenario here.)

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Thank you so much for the reply! :heart:
I had forgotten to verify my email but I have done it now.

Hello !
I made some changes. Here’s the updated one …
Can you please check it out ?


Hey sorry, I rarely check the forum. Looks great!

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