Feedback Please - Tribute Page to Avicii

Hi All,

I would love some feedback on my tribute page to Avicii.

In particular, feedback from people who are keen to look at the code (in addition to the design).

You can view the code on my Github profile here.

And just straight on the landing page itself here.

Thanks in advance, your feedback is much appreciated.


Hi @pvptowers, nice looking page. Some things to maybe revisit;

  • the <header> </header> and <footer> </footer> elements belong in between the <body> </body> tags. Maybe run your code through a validator
  • I don’t like commenting on someone’s design because to me it’s personal but maybe a suggestion to think about. For the sections (excepting the popular songs section) what if they were more to the view height of the users browser so the user didn’t have to scroll. Like the first section of his pic and little quote doesn’t need to be so large on a desktop that the user has to scroll. Same with the next section with the ‘about’ and ‘albums’.

You did a great job!

Cool thanks. I really appreciate the feedback.

I didn’t know of using a validator before. That’s a really handy hint.

Thanks again

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