Feedback Please - Tribute Page

So, I wanted to do a really simple and clean tribute page. Despite the simplistic look, it was a real pain to fix a lot of the issues I kept running into, but I did it and I’m proud :grin:
Also, I discovered 2 things with this project, I need a WHOLE lot more patience and that I really don’t like Codepen haha.

All advice and critiques are welcome.

Hi, FromMarsMedia. I would suggest moving Beyoncé’s name below her chin. I see
the effect you are going for, but in my opinion it’s not working. It might if the text
were animated, but only if it ended up moving completely off of her face OR if it were transparent.

Also, the link to more information about her is not working – it still needs a target_blank
to open the link in a new page.

I like white and gray tones of the design and how they accent the photos.