Feedback pls! - Technical Documentation (Libbby App installation guide đź”– Public Libraries' eBook download App)

This is an app installation guide for different devices.
I assume user guides are still considered as “technical documentation”, correct?

I have checked against the following, but I must be missing something.
Feedback appreciated!
:white_check_mark: Test 16/16
:white_check_mark: CodePen’s Analyze CSS
:white_check_mark: W3 HTML validation
:white_check_mark: Contrast checker
:white_check_mark: Logo usage /copyright checked

Unofficial Libby App Guide
(Libby App to borrow eBooks from public libraries) .

You made a good website but I think you need to double check media query again. There is a point where your navigation bar overwrites the content column.

Like this:

Also, you can add margin at the bottom of website and perhaps with footer which can improve the visual appearance .

Well done!

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Thank you @sulsoyy for taking the time to review my page.

I have added another media query for tablet sizes.
I 'll remember to check a wide range of sizes.
Also I added a margin at the bottom, too.
Thank you!

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