[Feedback] Portfolio - Mostly finished, working on mobile responsiveness

I finally have a portfolio that I want to share. I spent a lot of time getting everything how I wanted it to be. Figuring out how to make the background of the navbar fade in was the hardest part. I am pretty proud of what I have, but I cannot figure out why everything kinda goes all over the place after the picture in the About section. My goal is to keep the same transparent background for all the columns of About on mobile and have everything stay in the right order.

Nice job! A few things I noticed:

  • there is a vertical scrollbar (can be fixed by removing the padding on .portfolio-link)
  • I like the opacity effects, but it would be more logical if the hovered item would be less opaque than the other ones
  • I would suggest not using or not trying to use position in combination with Bootstrap. Not sure if this is the case here, but Boostrap doesn’t “really like” that

Best of luck with the following challenges!

Hey Dylan, good job! It looks like you’ve spent time on your portfolio and you should be proud of your effort. You may want to consider reducing the size of your social media icons, as I can envisage unintentional navigation. I also, would agree with your last commenter, in that I think you need to be careful mixing CSS with Bootstrap. Overall, impressive.